Alpina Twist 5 VLM+ Glasses Black/Blue Lens

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It protects and protects and protects - the Twist is one of the best-selling sports glasses on the market. And not without reason: since its introduction, it has set standards in terms of wearing comfort, adaptation and design. The first model was called Twist Zero in 2005. The sports glasses are now in their fifth generation - and continue to write their own success story with the Twist Five VLM+. The Twist Five VLM+ full-frame version is equipped with high-end Varioflex lens technology and at the same time offers contemporary style.

They therefore have an enormous range of applications and become outstanding sports glasses for any light and weather conditions. The lenses optimally adjust the tint to the lighting conditions (photochromatic). They thus cover protection level cat. 1 to 3. Fogstop prevents the lenses from misting up, and repels water and dirt more easily thanks to the hydrophobic coating. The side arms can be set at different angles so the glasses can be individually adjusted to the shape of the face. The mirroring reflects infra-red rays, ensuring 100% UV protection at all times. The Twist Five VLM+ are the perfect glasses - for any weather, for every sport.


  • 100% UV protection
  • The Varioflex technology optimally adjusts the lens tint to the lighting conditions (photochromatic)
  • The anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens ensures a fog-free view
  • Clear vision thanks to water-repellent, stain-resistant nanostructure on the lens
  • The reflective surface reflects infrared rays
  • Clear, undistorted vision thanks to decentred lenses

Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

This is the measure of how much light your sunglass lens lets through to your eye and can be expressed as a percentage, therefore a VLT of 1% means very dark glasses indeed, and a VLT of 100% means all the light is getting through and the lens is therefore a 'clear lens'.

Rather than quote a percentage for each lens they are categorised as follows:

  • Category 0 = 80-100% VLT
  • Category 1 = 46-79% VLT
  • Category 2 = 18-45% VLT
  • Category 3 = 8-17% VLT
  • Category 4 = 3-8% VLT
More Information
Brands Alpina
Colour Black
Series Twist
Colour Black
Discipline Enduro, MTB, Road
Size 140mm
Frame Style Full Border
Adjustable Inclination Yes
Material Plastic
Flexible Frame No
Cold Flex No
Optimised Airflow Yes
Lens Type Varioflex Mirror
Hydrophobic Yes
Lens Quantity 1
Lens Colour Blue
VLT Category 1 / 3 - 8 < 79%
Fog Stop Yes
UV Protection 100%
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