Cuda Crew - Stars in the making!

Published at: 05-08-2018
The best all have to start somewhere. The Chris Froome's, Mark Cavendishes, Lizzy Deiganens and Laura Kenny's of this world all started somewhere, either in a park, on the street outside the house, or in the backyard, from them very first 100 yards to the first 100 miles to grand tours and world circuits.

The most beautiful thing about learning to ride is that everyone has their own unique story and no one story is the same. Each journey has its own path and each rider finds their own way. The beauty about bikes and cycling is that there is a bike for everyone. There is no one person in this world who cannot enjoy a bike in some way and it all starts with those first few pedal strokes. Over the years bikes have changed and evolved dramatically and cycling has never been more innovative for young ones to get going! Run bikes have carved the path to giving young enthusiast stars in the making an opportunity to shine from as early as 3 years old. Our little #cudacrew is such a fine example of how it has already changed people's lives and made way for the Danny Harts, Rachel Atherton's, and Laura Kenny's of cycling.

Cuda bikes are leading the way in performance bikes and are giving kids of this generation the tools and technology that they deserve to develop their true potential.

So since it is Grand Tour season we thought we would step back and remember stars are not born overnight. They are made, they train hard, they make sacrifices, choose a different lifestyle, live and breathe the sport. We have decided to do a special Giro feature this year to feature some of our future stars of cycling.
If you are 12 years and under we want to hear your story! Either send us a video, write a short story or send us a picture gallery for your chance to feature in our Giro newsletter and win a full set of Matching Cuda Cycling Kit and Bottle.

To help you enter here are some questions we would love to know. 
  • What inspires you to ride?
  • Who inspires you to ride?
  • Where is your favorite place to ride?
  • And what is your cycling goal?

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