Bumper pavement bikes are designed to meet both children's and parents needs. Once the serious stuff like specification is out the way, Bumper add a twist of fun with kids favourite themes. The bikes come in all sizes, starting from roughly 18 months for that first balance bike up to 8 years old for a 20” wheel model.

Keeping It Fun

All of the Bumper bikes are themed in line with the latest kids trends. They appreciate that different children have different interests, and that's why they have at least five different designs for boys and another five for girls - something for every imagination!

Safe & Strong

More than just a strapline, this is the brands' ethos. All parents worry about their kids - it's normal! That's why Bumper prides themselves on quality and reliability ensuring the safety of your precious little riders.


Unlike other brands in the market Bumper pavement bikes are available in an extensive range of sizes from a 10" balance bike moving onto 12", 14", 16", 18" and even 20" wheels sizes. So when your child spots their dream Bumper bike you can be sure they make it in the right size.

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