We are Changing the Way You'll Ride

No matter how convenient carrying children on the GSD may be, we know the weather is a huge wildcard. After all, no one wants their little ones to experience discomfort while riding (and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to experience their complaining, either!).

That’s why we created the Clubhouse Fort for the GSD Gen 2. This complete weather protection system makes every day a great day to carry children. 

What Is The Clubhouse Fort?

The Clubhouse Fort is a combination of four accessories that turns the back of the GSD Gen 2 into a weather-protected compartment for children. It's designed to fit up to two children, in or out of child seats, with a maximum recommended height of 140 cm (with a little extra room for a helmet).

From your perspective, it keeps children dry, cozy, and content in all kinds of weather. From your child’s perspective, it’s a comfy cockpit, a seat of honor, and maybe even a magical play space that makes riding that much more enticing.

Which Accessories Make Up The Clubhouse Fort?

The Clubhouse Fort is made up of four accessories. Each accessory is sold separately.

The four accessories are:

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